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The Tudor Submariner was introduced in the early 1950’s and around this time Tudor became the official research and development partner for the French navy. The Submariner reference 7928 was introduced in 1959 and brought with it some serious upgrades such as the increased depth rating of 200m and just like its big brother Rolex the introduction of crown guards ,the earliest examples being pointed just as on the early Rolex Subs just as significantly was the increased case size to 39mm which was signed Original Oyster Case by Rolex, This was a watch that ran alongside the Rolex 5512 and 5513 for its entire production run through to the end of production in 1967 although it should be mentioned that this is a much harder to find watch than either of its Rolex brothers .

This example dates to 1964 and features the rarest dial variation being Gilt chapter ring and signed Swiss only, It is also documented that the bezels from that period age differently and the result is some amazing tropical variations just as with this stunning piece.

The watch runs on the celebrated automatic Fleurier cal 390 movement which keeps perfect time.

Considering this watch is almost 70 years old and exceptionally hard to find in this condition and configuration I believe it offers not just a great looking watch to wear for any occasion and something a little different for those not wanting to follow the heard but it also offers great potential returns as Tudor as a modern brand goes from strength to strength .

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