About this watch

If ever a watch deserved more fame or a more widespread fan base this must be it.The universal Polerouter  was created in 1954 by none other than Gerald Genta at the tender age of 23 already a highly praised designer and a man who went on to work with virtually every top watch maker including Patek Phillipe (nautilus) Audemars Piquet (Royal Oak)as well as Rolex, Omega and countless others.

Genta was commissioned to design a watch to celebrate the achievements of Scandinavian Airlines polar flights from New York/Los Angeles directly to Europe today this may be taken for granted but then the airlines had to overcome the enormous problem of magnetic forces over the pole as did the official supplier of watches to the airline ,Universal Geneve.

This very early example of the polerouter features the signature 34.5 mm stainless steel case holding the instantly recognizable dial with its textured index ring ,The black gloss inner dial has aged with a wonderful starburst finish and retains it s original silver cross hairs .

Only very few of the early Polerouters like this one ran on the Universal Geneve automatic or "bumper" cal 138SS movement with subsequent models after 1957 changing to the micro-rotor versions.

The case on this early example from c 1955 is in outstanding condition with very crisp lines 

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