About this watch

This is one of the rarest production Omega Chronographs of the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was produced for a very limited period of time in 1969 and remained in Omega collection for only around 18 months.

The watch was produced with a radical new design, which was aimed at drivers and sportsman and produced in very small numbers. which makes them extremely rare and as such highly collectible now.

The watch ran a unique configuration of the 860-calibre movement but with a date function under calibre 930, which was used in this watch and a De-Ville model only

This example came to us in completely unworn condition and apart from some light storage marks is as the day it was made and completely original there are lots of examples out there with dubious history or numerous replacement parts and redials etc,

The watch is also  fitted with a NOS correct Corfam strap and Omega buckle.

Possibly one of the best available in the world today

Stock Number 845