About this watch

Waltham ‘coin bezel’ rose gold Chronograph with black gilt dial

 This rare Waltham Chronograph dates to the late 1950’s and is in stunning original condition, it is supplied as it left the factory with original box, papers and even the original tags. The watch is running a Waltham variant of the famous Landeron 248 movement, which like the rest of the watch is in stunning original condition and working exactly as it, with all functions working correctly and crisply.

The watch really has a wrist presence, partly due to the 38mm case and partly due to the flawless black gloss/ gilt dial, which is absolutely stunning and perfect. This was one of Walthams flagship watches of the time, along with the Waltham variant of the Blancpain fifty fathoms there were marketing in direct completion to Omega and other famous Swiss brands.

The watch really is unique, we occasionally see the silver dial variant but to find one in this condition with box and papers and flawless gilt dial is very special. 

Stock Number 810