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It is a little-known fact that Astronaut David Scott who walked on the moon during his mission aboard Apollo 15 wore a Waltham three register chronograph during that mission, mystery surrounds which model Waltham he actually had as he describes it simply “as being of similar appearance to his Omega Speedmaster “

See this extract from a letter Scott later wrote describing the event..

[Scott, from a 1996 letter - "I do not recall ever having looked at my watch after egress. In the cabin after EVA-2, I noticed that the crystal of my Omega had popped off sometime during the EVA. Therefore, on EVA-3, I used my backup Waltham watch (which was) of a similar type. It worked just fine during the even higher temperatures of EVA-3.]".

I can’t claim to have solved the mystery of which Waltham Scott wore but the Valjoux 7736 is of the right period and the dial layout on this example is obviously reminiscent of a Speedmaster.

In any event this is a superb looking vintage chronograph and currently represents great value for money and the condition is superb

The 38mm stainless steel case is in near new condition and mechanically the watch performs as good as looks.

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