About this watch

Yema is one of the most famous French watch companies of all time, throughout the 20th century they created a plethora of wonderful, quirky and now timeless classic watches. Most famous where their range of vintage dive watches and chronographs.

Yema Chronograph watches have rising rapidly in value over the last five years, with many models now being worth many thousands of pounds.

This example is a near flawless Yema Sous Marine Chronograph running a Valjoux 7734 movement and dating from approximately 1969. The case is 38m excluding the crown and the watch wears incredibly well. Unlike many Yema Chronographs of the period the case is solid stainless steel.

This dial and case combination is extremely rare and incredible to look at, the ‘fume’ brown dial is wonderful and looks absolutely amazing, which is further enhanced by the wonderful dial design.

A great opportunity to buy a truly unique sports chronograph, which having just been serviced by vintage chronograph expert Simon Freese watchmakers, will give the new owner many years of trouble free wearing.

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