About this watch

During the 1960’s and 1970’s Yacht racing became the famed pastime it is today, enjoyed on a global level and is more popular now than it ever has been. During this heyday period a number of watch manufactures including Heuer, Yema Lemania produced specialist chronograph watches capable of timing/ countdowns for Yacht races, hence the name Yachting chronographs or Regatta timers.

These watches are now extremely desirable, the most famous of which the Heuer Skipper is now worth tens of thousands of pounds. These watches are very distinctive and often (like this Yachting Chronograph example) have beautiful coloured dials which make them stand out from the crown.

This example by Yema is an as new watch dating from circa 1974, it was produced in very small numbers and branded as ‘yachting chronograph’. Running the famous Valjoux 7713 movement this watch has a two-piece case with inner case for protection. The dial is the stand out item on the watch and can be used as a standard chronograph or as a countdown time for yacht/ regatta timing.

This is an absolute must for any sailing or water sports enthusiast. This is one of less than five examples that have been available in the last few years and this one is by far the best example of them all, a very special watch and one that will be a talking point everywhere from the Marina to the Museum, its sure to get noticed.

Yema are a brand that is rapidly gaining a huge fan base which will in turn have an effect on prices especially when faced with rare pieces such as this one the 37 mm stainless steel case is great shape as is the rest of this extraordinary piece.please be quick.

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