About this watch

Another great piece of watchmaking history. Zenith, the legendary Swiss manufacturer, stunned the watch world with its Il Primero movement in 1969 when it won the race to produce the first automatic chronograph and the movement is still revered today .

This particular model reference 20-0220-416 was the only gold plated Il Primero made and was aimed entirely at the USA market with only 1000 ever produced.  The 36 mm C shaped case is a classic of the period .

So the piece on offer is from a world famous manufacturer in its prime ,housing one of the most highly regarded automatic chronograph movements ever, in great condition and just back from a complete service by Simon Freese. one of the UK's Leading vintage expert watch makers. As I type this I am astounded at the value this watch offers when you think if a piece of this pedigree and scarcity was offered with a Rolex badge it would be expected to fetch many times this price .

Please be quick this is a real sleeper for the future

our stock number 594