About this watch

The 1970’s saw many designers push boundaries with use of bold colours and case design and for Heuer the Montreal was definitely among their best effort at capturing the essence of the period, none more so than the 110503N as with this example.

The Montreal in its original format running the cal 12 movement was only produced for 4 years so its uncommon in any condition but I honesty doubt a better example than this one exists ,originally offered for sale in the famous Haslinger collection auction the pedigree of this piece is faultless.

This is a watch that has been treasured all its life but please don’t let that put you off enjoying wearing it ,I guarantee you won’t find anyone else wearing a piece like this and it will attract attention for all the right reasons.

The watch is fitted to a NOS corfam rally strap finished with a period Heuer buckle

Hopefully our images do this piece justice

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