The name is Seamaster. Omega Seamaster

The name is Seamaster. Omega Seamaster

For over a quarter of a century, Omega has been the go to watch for the world's favourite spy (assuming you weren't rooting for the bad guys of Spectre.) And the go to Omega of choice has, more often than not, been the venerable Seamaster.  It's a watch men want and other watches want to be, to borrow and butcher a favourite James Bond quote. From the Omega Seamaster professional through various incarnations of Planet Oceans, the Seamaster has embodied the qualities most associated with the Bond franchise. Style, exceptional quality, usability and function without pretentious overtures. 

Arguably the association between Omega and James Bond has increased significantly since the casting of the first 'blonde Bond' Daniel Craig. He has sported many Omegas in the five hugely successful films he has appeared in with the Seamaster being the most common. However eagle eyed watch lovers may have also noticed a number of other Omegas that have graced the wrist of 007. 

An Omega Cal 321 very similar to this 1965 example can be fleetingly seen at the end of Spectre as our hero drives away in his 1965 Aston Martin DB5. Perfect product alignment and a testament to the level of attention to detail that goes into this enduring relationship.

Likewise this stunning Omega Aqua Terra was introduced in homage to the association between the movie franchise and Swiss manufacturer. One of many limited edition issues to have celebrated a partnership that has become synonymous with elite brand associations.

Omega, as a brand doesn't need to prove its cojones to anyone. After all we are talking about a brand that has the legacy of official Olympic timekeeper and first watch on the moon just to name two.  But there is no doubt that adorning the wrist of James Bond has helped cement Omega as the premier Swiss watch manufacturer for a whole new generation of watch lovers.  

With the latest instalment of the film franchise in the shape of No Time To Die hitting the screens this month (perhaps the best bond movie of all time in my view!) the association between Omega and 007 is set to continue as long as the world finds itself in peril and where every second counts!



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