About this watch

Please let me introduce you to Nivada a watch manufacturer in its hey day that would rival Rolex ,Jaeger le Coultre and any other "top brand " for adventurers watches proven by the fact that whilst Rolex was heading up Everest and Jaeger boarded the USS Nautilus nuclear submarine on its journey under the North Pole, Nivada made the watch that accompanied the expedition to explore the Antarctic in 1957 .

Seen under the Name NIvada ,Nivada Grenchen and even Croton Nivada Grenchen due to a legal battle with Movado over similar sounding names so Nivada had to change title and the simplest method was to add Grenchen -its home town or the name of its distributor Croton .

I make this point to demonstrate the pedigree of a true explorers extremely high quality divers chronograph ,further demonstrated by the manufactures choice of movement ,the highly regarded mechanical winding valjoux 92 cased in a 39 mm solid stainless steel screw back case.

This example is from a watchmaker at its height using the best technology available and this piece represents that admirably

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