About this watch

Omega are renowned worldwide for making some of the most important watches of the last 100 year, including the Speedmaster (which accompanied man to the moon) and the Constellation, one of the most famous dress watches of the 20th century.

This calibre 265 ‘Tressor’ dates to 1950 and the 33 mm case is  solid 14 ct  gold, it is a substantial watch and wears extremely well. As you can see the condition is excellent and the watch is running exactly as it should. These models are also known as ‘sub second’ as they don’t have a center second hand, the second hand is located at 6 o’clock, this makes it a very attractive and distinctive piece.

Its also worth noting that it cost £80 in the UK in 1952 and represented about 14 weeks wages for the average worker of the time

A real investment opportunity and a great watch to wear formally or casually, Omega are rapidly increasing in value and examples like this one are a sure fire investment for the future.

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