About this watch

The Omega Chrono-Quartz is one of the most remarkable watches Omega made in the 20th Century, the watch marked a number of land mark achievements for Omega, most significantly being the first digital/ analogue chronograph ever made.

The watch was made specifically for the 1976 Montreal Olympics and was Omegas flagship watch and flagship chronograph, it was made for only two years and less than 10000 where made, this example is one of the very best we have ever seen.

The watch uses Omega calibre 1611, made only for this watch and never used on another watch. It has an analogue mechanism for the time and a digital chronograph functions which operated independently of the analogue module, it truly was and is a master piece of watch making.

The watch has an absolutely amazing wrist presence, being 51 mm in length but because of the design it wears amazingly well. The watch is solid stainless steel with an integral stainless steel bracelet, it is boxed and comes with the original sales receipt dating the watch to 1978.

When new this watch was £375 compared to £125 for the famous ‘moonwatch’ and this price reflected the superiority of the build quality, it really is one of the most amazing chronographs Omega made in the latter part of the 20th century.

This watch is an amazing piece, a great investment opportunity and will not be a watch you will see on anyone else’s wrist.

Stock Number 675