About this watch

This is one of the most iconic Omega divers’ watches there is, manufactured in 1968 it was one of Omega first sports/ semi professional divers watches and marked the beginning of a truly monumental journey for the company in sports watches and divers watches.

This watch was released alongside the famous Omega Seamaster 300 and like the Ranchero to the Railmaster it was intended as a mid point enthusiasts watch for sportsmen and semi professionals. The watch is of the highest quality and this example is in simply stunning time warp condition, The 37 mm case wears perfectly today and having just been fully serviced by vintage Omega expert Simon Freese you can be assured that the automatic movement will perform superbly for many years giving you the best of two worlds ,vintage cool with modern reliability

The design really has become classic one and it looks perfect with both a suit or casually. These watches are appreciating at a rate of knots, they are becoming highly sought after and extremely valuable and examples in this condition, freshly serviced and all original are only going to continue to rapidly increase in value.

The Omega Seamaster range has to be one of the most famous watches in history, they were designed to be functional, sporty, fashionable yet rugged enough to withstand anything you could throw at them. They became linked to many famous adventurers, including the likes of Jacques Cousteau. The Seamaster 120 line has existed in many iterations from the late 1950’s through the the mid 2000’s, this was the watch that started it all and therefore the first of what was to become one of the best selling and most famous Omega sports watches ever made.

Grab a true icon whilst you can, examples like this very rarely come up for sale and once its gone we doubt we will see another of this calibre soon.

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