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F300 Anniversary limited edition 125 Anniversary

The Omega F300 is one of Omega most important watches of the 1970’s, it was the first electronic chronometer watch produced in the world and a remarkable leap forward in watch making technology. Not to be confused with a quartz watch this watch is a mechanical watch but instead of having a balance wheel has a tuning fork mechanism which is powered by a battery.

The F300 was Omegas flagship watch of the day and as such has all of the technology and build quality in a watch that cost the equivalent of 6 months’ wages at the time. It truly is a work of art and as well made if not better than virtually all other watches of the time. When new this watch was virtually double the price of the now famous Ploprof and considerably more expensive than the equivalent Rolex submariner.

This example is something really special, not only is it in basically new condition but it is one of approximately 500 made specifically for the kings of fashion, the Italians. It was a commemorative model to celebrate 125 years of Omega and was released to the Italian market only. What makes the watch distinctive and different from any other Omega is the dial, a closer inspection will reveal that there are dozens of tiny Omega symbols embossed in to the dial surface, a special feature of this limited edition watch, it doesn’t get much rarer than this.The 41 mm stainless steel case and bracelet are in the same remarkable condition as the rest of this great time piece

Omega divers watches are famed across the world for being amongst the best there is and this one is no exception, it is depth rated to 120M, it has one of the most important watch movements of the 20th century inside it and its one of around 500 made, what more can we say.

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