British Summer Time

British Summer Time

Is there such a thing as a seasonal watch? I suppose it depends on which season you are talking about of course but, with Summer nearly upon us, my own thoughts have turned to the kind of watches I'd like to be wearing during the long hot days to come (surely!). 

For me something you could easily wear to the beach comes to mind. There are no shortage of suitable dive options, from the ever dependable Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster collections through to the less obvious, but equally appealing in my view, Longines and Bulovas. Perhaps something with a little colour might be nice too. Often the choice of strap can play a major part in the suitability of a watch. And if it can withstand me splashing around helplessly in water, well then that's just an added bonus.

Ideally it should be something not too expensive as you don't want to spend your entire time worried about any little scratch. (I rarely do anyway). Although of course it's always nice to have something to show off at the BBQ or, if you're fortunate enough, the captain's table. 

So with these admittedly random criteria in my head here are four watches that I think would be ideal Summer companions. They range from the very affordable to the slightly more wallet stretching, but all of them will, I am sure, help you while away the endless sun drenched hours of a typical British Summer!


To kick things off I absolutely love this Record Pvd vintage dive watch which I think is fun, distinctive and a definite conversation starter whatever the occasion. Dating from the 1970's with a striking blue face and black and red bezel it comes armed for the elements with a sturdy rubber strap. All for less than £1000. An absolute bargain.


Next up is Waltham Blancpain Paul Newman. A watch that I have waxed lyrical about before. But still one that I think is an a gem of a piece for any collection. Superb build quality and an incredibly eye catching watch, it even comes with a alternative mesh bracelet which, whilst being a perfect for any season, doesn't quite scream Summer in the way this yellow tropic strap does!

And taking of straps, this Omega Seamaster 120 Jumbo  from (incredibly) 1969, wouldn't seem quite so perfect to me without the addition of this stunning red and black sports strap which just perfectly complements the subtle, yet complex dial of this classic piece. I'm certain no one else will have this watch, whatever event you are attending this Summer.


 Last, but not least, I offer you perhaps the more obvious example of the classic adventure watch in the shape of this beautiful blue dial Rolex Yacht Master from 2020. Rolex actually discontinued the blue face option after this last issue so not only will you get the chance to own something truly beautiful and impossibly well built, you'll actually be buying something as close to guaranteed appreciation as you can get. 


So there you have just a small selection of watches I might be breaking out during the coming months. That's assuming of course my discerning customers don't decide to treat themselves this Summer! It's not as though we don't all deserve a treat is it?








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