By Royal Appointment to the Crown

By Royal Appointment to the Crown

I'm a huge fan of period drama. Give me a Sunday night of historical fiction and I'm there. So I was delighted to see the latest season of The Crown return to Netflix last week. (as to how much of that was fact and how much fiction, I'll leave to others to decide!) Notwithstanding any views on the monarchy, I've always been intrigued by the choice of timepiece for the Royal Family and with the latest series set in the 1980's (I vaguely remember that decade!) I was trying hard to spot the period watches chosen. I'd like to say I successfully identified them all but sadly my powers of perception are not what they were. An odd Rolex here and a glimpse of an Omega there, was about my limit.  But my interest was piqued.


A little research later and an investigation of my collection did result in the sample selection before us today. Not all period pieces unfortunately but a great selection of watches that have all been worn by members of the Royal Family from time to time.  It's a well known fact that Prince Charles has a long association from the 1980's with Jaeger Le Coultre and famously sported the Reverso during his polo playing days. Perhaps one of the few people to own the watch and wear it for the purpose it was actually intended!


Hi younger brother Prince Andrew is still frequently see wearing a classic Rolex Day Date the very embodiment of classic style and elegance. And a watch that defines the phrase 'timeless'.  Indeed this iconic example dates from 1967 although due to its timeless design and how well cared for it has been you really would never know if age. Small wonder it is a favourite of the royals.


Interestingly enough his daughter Beatrice follows the modern trend for women with discerning watch taste by wearing a beautiful Rolex Air King on steel bracelet.  A watch that although designed as a 'mans' watch is perfectly suited to the modern day style of larger watches worn by women. It is also a stunning watch, princess or not.


In terms of the right watch for the right person, it's perhaps left to Prince William, future King and Navy officer to show the way with his classic Omega Seamaster 300.  Reportedly it was a gift from his later mother Princess Diana and clearly holds immense sentimentality to William. A watch that could have been purpose designed for an officer in the Royal Navy, and certainly one fit for a future King.


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