Dive Watches - Part Two!

Dive Watches - Part Two!


So it turns out there are a lot of dive watch enthusiasts out there!  And more importantly a lot of dive watch enthusiasts who like the idea of owning something with a little more individuality. 

After my piece last week about some of the lesser known brands from the 60's and 70's that rivalled Rolex and Omega I was inundated with requests for more information about those pieces from Marc Nicolet, Enicar Sherpa and Elgin. I was, of course, happy to oblige. As a result of those enquiries I stumbled across a few other pieces from my collection that I thought might be of interest to collectors and lovers of dive watches. The three pieces I've returned to are the Doxa Searambler (love that name) the Bulova Snorkel Skin Diver and Waltham Blancpain Paul Newman

Perhaps three watches that are a little better known than last weeks magic threesome but brands that are, none the less, not first choice these days. But I have no idea why. These exquisite vintage pieces just scream functional dive utility in a way that just elevates them above their more ubiquitous contemporaries. They possess an individual design charm that ensures they'll turn heads and generate polite enquiries in a way other, more well known brands, simply can't do. 

All were built to be used and all of them look as though they have lived a life as well. That's how I like my utility sports watches. Add in some fantastic provenance and a price point that defies argument and I suspect my inbox will be just as full again this week!




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