It's time to go back (to front) to work

It's time to go back (to front) to work

September is that time of year we all begin to focus our minds on returning to work. This year, for obvious reason, that return to work is unlike any other as the world tentatively returns to something approaching normality. Its undoubtedly been a tough summer for everyone and I know from my own experience it's been a challenge to keep business moving. But I am, if nothing else, an optimist (you have to be) and so for this week's blog I'd like to share with you a few pieces that for me represent the perfect combination of function and style. That perfect moment when beauty and form come together in a way that defines a watch brand forever. The most obvious example in my view has to be the Rolex Submariner (this example of the Hulk from 2019 is stunning) You may have heard this week that Rolex are going to discontinue this line so this would be perfect time to celebrate a return to work with the purchase of an iconic workhorse of the watch industry.  Despite the fact the Submariner is perhaps one of the great iconic designs of the last 60 years, it's always worth remembering the original watch was 100% about function and robustness. A working tool in other words


However a watch that has always captured my imagination is the Jaeger Le Coultre  Reverso. Ok I know the world isn't full of Polo players but the fact this watch was designed at the behest of players of this elite sport, to protect their watches whilst playing has always been a cracking tale of just how imaginative watch makers can be. A simple solution would have been to use a protective cage as used on earlier world war one timepieces but that would have ruined the aesthetics of any timepiece, so the solution was a watch that is able to slide out of its frame and turn around completely, so protecting the fragile glass.  Genius and beautiful.


This example from c 2002 is the Grand Taille and today the 26 mm x 42 mm case is perfect for ladies or gents ,The watch case is solid 18ct gold and the outer case is stainless steel ,true to the original design concept ,giving you an elegant watch that is also very well protected. To complete the unique look this stunning piece is fitted to an original JLC Ostrich strap completed with an original JLC deployment clasp. Function and style in perfect union. And the perfect watch to celebrate a return to normality. (I think at least).


Ok, I know many of you won't be returning to a career on the polo field this September and the need for a watch that flips to protect it's timeless face might not be high on your list of needs. But more than ever I think as we return to a more regular life, a little extravagance might be just in order. 

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