Omega - The Sports Watch For All Seasons

Omega - The Sports Watch For All Seasons

Sometimes I take moment to review my collection and it's an exercise that never fails to reinvigorate my interest. On this occasion I took a few minutes out of my busy day (looking at watches on the internet) to organise my inventory (looking at watches I own) and, as a result, I put together a selection of Omega sports watches that genuinely surprised me. Not just in terms of the sheer quantity of Omega sports watches I had assembled (that never really surprises me or Mrs Watch Collector) but more in the variety of sports watches Omega has offered over the years. 


Sometimes you need to see them side by side to appreciate the sheers quality and excellence of watches offered by Omega over the years. There's no doubt you can easily spot the design heritage of all of these watches but you can also clear see the way Omega has adapted over the years to reflect the design cues of each generation and decade. 


The net result is a selection of watches that simply take the breath away. From Speedmasters to Seamasters with the odd Geneve thrown in for good measure, the names may be the same but the wealth of design options really does prove that Omega has something for every taste. And, crucially every pocket as well. I can wax lyrical over a £1000 Omega chronograph from the 1970's just as easily as I can about a £20,000 1960's Speedmaster moon watch. Omega really do span the vintage market in a way no other brand can quite do.

Which is why, when I began trading in watches, I quickly identified Omega as the cornerstone of my own collection and the watches I offered to the public. I was delighted to be recognised as an official supplier of vintage Omega watches and as a result I've built up a collection of Omega's that I think are amongst the best you can find from an independent collector.  


Take a look here at what I think is one of the best collections of vintage Omegas online


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