Putting my money firmly where my mouth is!

Putting my money firmly where my mouth is!

I've lost count of the times I've been asked whether a vintage watch makes a good investment. My reply is nearly always the same. "It depends". It's not that I'm trying to avoid the answer or, heaven forbid, I don't believe in the merits of a vintage watch as a worthy investment. No, in truth the simple answer is I understand how wary a potential investor might be when considering a watch as a potential long term investment. 


For me the beauty of a vintage watch purchase is that, as investment pieces go, there are few things you can put money into that offer you quite the same visceral pleasure as a beautiful pre-owned watch. However, in recognising that, for some people, the blocker to purchase is always going to be a thorny question of future value, there was really only one option left for me. Putting my money firmly where my mouth is.


So I'm delighted to be able to introduce to my loyal and regular readers the first ever full value future part exchange guarantee on all vintage watches purchased from The Watch Collector. It couldn't be simpler really. I'm basically ensuring that, at the very least, every customer can buy a vintage watch knowing that I will guarantee that full value of that watch when it comes to any part exchange in the future. Real value locked in from day one until the day you, as a customer, decide to exchange your watch as a part exchange option on any future purchase from The Watch Collector.


In other words, your money is safe. So really the only choice you have is whether you want your cash locked in a safe somewhere (in all likelihood making zero interest) or whether you would like to gaze down lovingly at a beautiful vintage watch, safe in the knowledge is effectively costing you nothing to enjoy something that can bring pleasure for generations.


So the next time someone asks you why you invest in vintage watches and whether they are worth investing in. you know the answer! 

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