The Iconic 1970's Face Of The Beautiful Game

The Iconic 1970's Face Of The Beautiful Game

Nobody could ever say football was a quiet game of subtlety.  It's a sport that excites the passions and makes the heart beat faster, a game full of colour and life that is loved the world over.  And perhaps the decade that most excites the imagination is the 1970's. A time of Pele, Cruyff, Beckenbauer and Omega!

Ok, in a list of famous footballing Icons perhaps Omega isn't the first name that springs to mind but, for me, this Omega Soccer Time is perfect reflection of the most iconic decade of the beautiful game. Subtle it isn't, but if you're looking for a watch that captures the joy and passion of the world's most popular game then you would struggle to find anything to compare with this Cal.861 powered chronograph. 

The 1970's was once called the decade style forgot but I am pleased to say that is definitely not the case with this watch. The bold case designs and use of colour are incredibly sought after and for me this is another excellent piece that has it all.  

With a face that's a carnival of colour this Omega reference 145.019 or "Soccer Time" as it is known features stunning black and red chronograph subdials. What distinguishes the Soccer Timers from other cal. 861 powered Omega chronographs of its era is the minute recorder sub-dial is marked with a 45-minute indicator below the “30.” This feature was included to make it easier to time halves of a soccer match, although today with VAR it might need to run to 50 minutes per half. In an era before smart technology and electronic match timing imagine how wonderful it would have been to see this stunning piece adorn the wrist of 1970's referees.  At the very least it might have made them slightly more popular figures!



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