Things are definitely looking brighter.

Things are definitely looking brighter.

Is it me or is there a distinct sense of optimism in the air?


As I look out of the window of my study it even feels as though Spring is making an attempt to join in with the growing sense positivity that is sweeping the nation. I wouldn't go as far as to say my garden is a riot of daffodils but there is a definite shift in mood that is reflected in nature, the speed of vaccinations and, dare I say it, the vintage watch market. Regular observers of my site will have noticed a huge influx of timepieces over the last few weeks, driven in part by my industry first 'guaranteed value part exchange promise' which has proved hugely popular with collectors, but also by a general feeling that we all deserve to treat ourselves for a change. My goodness we've earned that haven't we?


So recently I've been delighted to be able to record my best ever month of sales and part exchanges, with the future looking just as bright. It's meant I've been able to introduce new watches at a rate I've never been able to do before, meaning fresh new products almost daily and a variety of timepieces that I believe offers something for literally every taste. 


Why has this happened? Well firstly I think the new guarantee I introduced at the end of last year has helped to give buyers a lot more confidence that they can buy with peace of mind and really explore their taste in watches without worrying they are paying too high a price for today's latest thing. Also there is no doubt that the pandemic has clearly created a pent up reserve of capital that people feel tempted to invest in a passion. Equally the prospect of negative interest rates means it might actually cost us to keep our money with the banks. (Hands up who finds that an attractive prospect?)  So all in all, collecting pre-owned watches with a guaranteed future buy back clause has never seemed so...well...sensible! 


Finally I am able to look Mrs Watch Collector in the eye and say I told you so. Collecting and dealing in vintage watches really is a great business idea and, paradoxically, a venture with a very bright  future!  Of course I haven't actually looked her in the eye and said those words as such...!

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