Today's tongue twister. "If you only ever had to wear one watch, which watch would it be?"

Today's tongue twister. "If you only ever had to wear one watch, which watch would it be?"

Despite sounding like a watch themed tongue twister, this is actually a question I'm frequently asked. As the owner of 'more than a few' watches, it's a question I struggle to answer. It's the infinite variety of timepieces that has always appealed to me, from dive watches to drive watches and everything in between. So asking me to choose one watch is always going to be a struggle. But that doesn't mean the whole watch industry and market doesn't find itself obsessed with the idea of this question.

Which brings me to this week's topic of avarice, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rhodium ref 114300. Rolex of course covers the whole spectrum when it comes to utility and/or refinement and has a couple of contenders in the one watch category, (hello Explorer Mk1) but for me the closest this venerable watch brand comes to finding the ultimate one watch is this stunningly beautiful, practical, bullet proof Oyster Perpetual Rhodium. 

This is literally a watch that could grace the Ambassador's ball one evening and be the perfect accompaniment to casual beach wear the following day. It has the timeless utility vibe which, let's be honest, nobody does better than Rolex, whilst at the same time retaining the dimensions perfectly suited to fitting inside a smart cuff. Not an easy combination to master. The sunburst Rhodium dial on this particular model is a simply stunning option and, surprisingly for Rolex, it has a playful blue highlight on the indices which just works so well it amazes me Rolex isn't more bold in it's use of dial colour. 

The Oyster case and bracelet are, of course, without equal in this price bracket  and offer that perfect balance between sports and dressiness so essential in a one watch option.  Of the three types of face design available in this range I think this Rhodium option with blue accents is the most appropriate for the 'one watch' crown. The grape and blue face options also offered in this range exude a more youthful vibe while this one really does feel fit for every occasion, especially coming in at a very modern 39mm case size.

As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of this watch, which makes it all the more extraordinary that Rolex actually chose to discontinue this range. So it's clear that if you are looking for a one watch option ( or if you're a normal person 'just a watch') then the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rhodium ref 114300 is a timepiece that is only going one way in value terms. 

So for those of you who might only be in the market for one watch, or for a watch that you could throw on in the morning without thinking about it, this could be the perfect answer to an age old question.

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