Why Right Now Might Be The Perfect Time to Invest In A Watch

Why Right Now Might Be The Perfect Time to Invest In A Watch

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The mental gymnastics required to justify the purchase of another watch, mostly in a desperate plea to a sensible other half. Regular visitors to my site will know it doesn't take much to convince me to part with my hard earned cash in return for a vintage timepiece. However over the last few years, more than ever, the idea of buying a vintage watch as an investment piece, has grown ever more relevant. If there is one thing we’ve all learned in the last decade, it’s that there is no such thing as a certainty when it comes to investment. Property, stocks and shares, mutual funds, they’ve all been tried and tested and shown themselves to be fallible to varying  degrees. 
So why is now such a good time to invest in a vintage watch? Here is my simple guide to the reasons I think it couldn’t be better. 

1. Money in the bank is worth pretty much nothing these days. In face the prospect of negative interest rates can’t be too far in the future. My question is do you really want to be paying a bank for the privilege of keeping your money?

2. Luxury items and, in particular, watches, are enjoying a resurgence in recent years with some astonishing appreciation in values. Not just for the major brands either. Time and again we see big jumps in value amongst watches that are, by their very nature, becoming rarer with each passing year.

3. The simple, obvious fact is that they aren’t making vintage watches any more!  It’s a sometimes overlooked fact that vintage watches become more valuable because of their rarity.  And with each passing year their rarity and vintage is only enhanced.
4. Their are very few investments you can go to a drawer and take out and look at with loving satisfaction. Investment wines can never be savoured. Gold is, well, just gold and expensive cars will always become worth slightly less with every mile on the clock. Not so with a vintage timepiece. They are designed to be worn and I simply cannot think of an investment that could also give you the kind fo pleasure to be found in a watch
5. Unlike new watches, vintage timepieces have already suffered any depreciation they are likely to experience probably decades ago. And HMRC take a very accommodating view of investments in watches!
There is always, of course, the overwhelming reason to buy a vintage watch, which is the pure pleasure it gives you. But now, more than any other time you can look yourself in the mirror and know deep down, you’re doing the right thing financially. (Honestly). Just look at the examples of watch appreciation here and ask yourself if there is a better way to enjoy the opportunity to invest your hard earned money. As always I’m here to help you find the right balance for any investment you might be interested in. Indeed I’m always happy to talk about any buy back options on watches you buy. Hows that for me putting my money where my mouth is!

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