How to knock 95% off the value of your vintage watch!

I've been 'banging on' for some time now about the intricacies and foibles of collecting and valuing vintage watches and i was reminded of it again this last week when sorting through some old press cuttings i cut our and collect on the subject of vintage watches (don't judge me!). What caught my eye in particular was a piece from The Times last year which perfectly summed up the advantages and also the subtleties in not only owning a vintage watch but ensuring it's cared for properly. A 1963 Rolex Submariner, bought in 1966 to celebrate the birth of a first child was sold at auction for £140,000. So far so typical you might think. These classics come up all the time for auction and can go close to £200,000 on occasion. (Not to self - more vintage Rolex's please). The really interesting factoid buried in the article was the fact 20 years previously during a service, a watchmaker was unable to find a replacement for the rare dial sported by this particular Sub. As a result, the original dial was left in place. The auctioneers said replacing the dial would have knocked 95% off the value of the watch. Yes dear reader you read that right 95%! Be warned my fellow enthusiasts. Treat your possessions with love and care always - but with the right kind of care!

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