Test Drive: Rolex Daytona Cosmograph P Series Cream Dial. Enough said!

Sometimes words alone are not enough. For that matter sometimes pictures are not enough. Which is why i've just spent a weekend wearing a 2002 Rolex Daytona Cosmograph P series cream dial watch. I say wear, but when you come across a piece as rare and beautiful and unworn as this model it take some courage to wear it. Perfect in every way and a spanking as the day it was first sold, the right term for what i did was 'try it on'. But what an experience. The Daytona has always been a watch close to my heart and one that seems to find the perfect balance between sports and prestige piece. But this particular 116520 model from 2002 takes the whole Daytona experience to a new level. This was the year Rolex switched to its own 44 jewel cal 4130 movement but, crucially,  also changed the white dials, and the original dials of this short run age to a wonderful warm cream colour that only enriches over time. This makes it a highly prized and sought-after piece in itself, but add to that the fact this particular watch is unworn and still retains the green Rolex sticker on the case back along with all correct papers, and you’re talking about something truly special and possibly unique. Even in the rare moments I managed to convince myself to try this on, to say it was a conversation piece would be a gross understatement. Almost everyone who saw it, loved it. And being able to describe it's uniqueness in Rolex history gave me a real sense of pride and interest. The only downside for me was that, if anything, it looked better on Mrs Watch Collector than me. She seemed to think so. In truth so did i. But that was more to do with thick wrists, I think. In any event the lucky person who manages to snaffle this away from me will enjoy a stunning piece at an incredible price. (researching this piece i found similar unworn examples going for €30,000 +). Whoever ends up owning this piece i urge you to get used to the idea of wearing it. My own view is it will still be a fantastic investment, but it's a watch that deserves to be worn.    

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