A Wo(mans) watch, the must have accessory

For many the trend of women wearing mens statement watches can be dated back to Sharon Stone in the 80's and her undoubted love of wearing mens Rolex watches. Not only wearing them, but making them look sexy and symbolic in an empowering way.  But even before Ms Stone was making the Rolex Submariner a must have for strong female role models, there were precedents for women in the public eye to sport their favourite mens watch. Particularly where Hollywood was concerned.  From Honor Blackman's portrayal of  Pussy Galore (if you're below a certain age, look her up, it's a real character!) in the James Bond classic Goldfinger, sporting a Rolex GMT Master, to Vanessa Redgrave and her love of Submariners. The idea of a woman wearing a mans watch isn't all that new. What is new perhaps is the way in which mens watches from the mid 20th century have become the must have accessory for the modern woman. Retro style seems, paradoxically, to never go out of style and there is certainly a hankering for pieces of timeless design and quality. I've made no secret in the past that I believe the decades of the 60's and 70's to be a golden ear for watch design and construction but probably the biggest change since then has been the size of a typical mans watch. Whereas previously a 38mm dial would have been considered on the larger side I have now have 48mm watches I own (but don't necessarily wear) and the result has been to move some absolutely timeless classics into a female area of the market. And the truth is they look superb. My own wife would rarely be without her Rolex Submariner and recently I caught her enviously eyeing up a Zenith Pilot watch. Which I have to say looked perfect on her.  I mention this only because i have noticed more and more I get requests for information about watches that may well have started out as a mans watch but now sit firmly as a exquisite accessory for women with taste. Long may it last I say. After all the most important consideration for me is that classic watches get worn and used and loved.

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